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Why We Need Donations

surgery center for correction of female circumcision donations
The Surgery Center for FGM is a non-profit operation, meaning we have no intention of making a profit.  It also means that we depend on donations to pay our expenses since we do not charge the patients.

What are our expenses?   Like all clinics, we must pay the rent on our office space, the utilities like electric, phones and internet.  Then there’s insurance and all the drugs, disposable goods, and anesthesia supplies.

We only have one paid employee.   The surgeon and all the anesthesiologists and counselors donate their time and professional skills.  The other administrative staff and clinical staff are all unpaid volunteers and we are very appreciative for them.

We also have volunteers who provide services to patients that are not within the confines of our Center.

So, we are stretching our resources to the fullest.  Every donation goes toward the expenses listed above.  And these expenses provide for patients to have FGM reversal surgery at no cost to the patient.

The Surgery Center for FGM is the only center in the U.S. totally dedicated to victims of FGM--- we treat no other patients.  Now the demand for our services is increasing rapidly and to continue providing surgery and counseling, we must ask for your help.  Please go to our website ( and contribute.

If you donate to the Surgery Center for FGM, you will know that you are helping an FGM victim have her reversal surgery.